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  • Man to the Centre of the Universe
    "True magic deifies the man putting him to the center of universe, the God-man"
  • Art and Satanism
    "The marvelous human expression is art, this uncontrollable essence, incorrigible, without moral that lives for herself"
  • Children of Satan
    "The work of Children of Satan recalls to the public a concrete and well defined ideology: the divinity inside the man and woman."
  • Who really is Satan?
    "Satan is the man that really exists in absolute way, is just a term, not a god"
The Children of Satan is a SATANIST group not a SATANIC group. The difference between the two adjectives is fundamental. A SATANIST is one who makes himself/herself the centre of the universe. His self is an absolute. He doesn't surrender to other forms outside himself. He is someone who expresses his nature through art, logic, research and knowledge. He becomes a "Satan" (from the Hebrew "against/enemy") of all religions. He becomes this automatically because in expressing, creating, researching and personally evolving he finds his fusion with the universe -- the eternity of his "I". Not through invisible ghosts and divinities invented by religions. "I am Satan because I am IT". When one is himself (or herself) he can only be the enemy of repressive systems. He becomes a natural being such that he bows to nobody. He believes in himself and in his beautiful nature. The rituals that he does are totally expressive, human, of energy, of the universe. Unique Being ever born, ever dying. Religion is being destroyed by logic, science, nature, knowledge, and art. We have found that before Adam there were glacial ages, that other planets have life, that there are millions of worlds beyond our own. We are the key -- only us. SATANIC? They believe in the christian Satan (which lives and dies by the bible). They think Satan is a god of evil, but they don't realize that the Christian religion in monotheistic. They don't understand that no scripture says that Satan is "The God of Evil", the enemy of the works of God. If Satan could be a god, Adam and Eve could not have been guilty of falling into temptation. They couldn't truly rebel. They would have had no choice. Satanic rituals are rituals that commit all sorts of debauchery in order to profane the religious symbolism that the "satanic" person assumes to be holy in the first place!

Who are the Children of Satan? The "Children of Satan" name means "purity of the Satanist ideas" and makes reference to "The Inner Child", that is to say "the individual creation" in symbiosis with the surrounding universe and erected by a work of the Will. The Satanism we profess, we study and we spread is pure, unpolluted: we are the eternal children. We are children of Satan because Satan is the anti-moralism par-excellence of everything that is hidden and deceitful in the name of the violence of fake religions and of moralism itself. The group was born in 1982 founded by Marco Dimitri. Our purpose is to study, to practice, and to spread Satanism. To give prominence to the natural rights of men and women rather than the law of some external god. The Great Work of the Children of Satan is the art of elevating the Universe from its pitiful condition to the natural pleasantly aesthetic and libertine condition. Matter and energy (vulgarly called "spirit") are fused into a singular essence of joy, force and power... to this essence is given the name "Satan". This Satanism is the only tangible way to realize our own desires. Satan is the Man, Satan is the Woman. This is the only voice that invites us to NOT worship anyone. Satan is a personal and innermost flame, a passion that shakes the feelings, embraces the flesh, drives us away from crawling toward any form of divinity. Drives us instead toward doing everything on our own with that ancient god that is in each of us, strengthening our forces and extending our possibilities until we overthrow all artificial limits. It is the art of enjoying life to the depth of our existence in the splendor of natural matter: our own matter!

This is the only Satanist group that functions outside of itself, openly presenting its ideas to the public through the common information media such as radio, television and the Internet. Membership is free. The ritual practices that we use, utilize the personal energy managed by the Will. We teach people to recognize their own true Will and to use it to arrive at a conscious, willful purpose. The true deified (self-reliant) person will arrive where he truly wants. Therefore, we are not followers of Satan or promoters of evil faith. We are not a faith group, we do not praise any divinity except ourselves. We are artists, creators, people that live according to our own selves, freely joining together in the name of Art, Beauty and Joy; because Art, Beauty and Joy have been denied, destroyed and killed for a corrupt purpose. The fundamental values of society have not met our needs. They only drive us to buy into a rule, lacking anything that could make us happy, beautiful, shining. We seem to have everything but we do not even have ourselves. We "Children of Satan" are a group of people who want to have and be ourselves, that want to use our own energy to deify ourselves. We are Satan because we have ourselves instead of god. Knowledge makes us god and we are grounded in that Knowledge. Satan is therefore Force, Beauty, Art, Will, Creativity, Energy. The lack of personal values has created Death, and we Satanists want to dominate this Death. We want to expand our instincts and stretch past our limits. Therefore we aren't the true masters and gurus. Marco Dimitri is just the founder of a group with a precise purpose: being Satan, representing him, living by him. Better one person who believes in himself than a thousand fools who follow some "celebrity". A pact signed with one's own blood which represents the recognizing of self-divinity, of Satan, is the method of joining the group.

Satan walks the earth through us. Satan has awakened from his sleep through us. The Universe must dance at the rhythm of our music. When the thought becomes Will, the Will becomes Law, and the Universe follows you out of idleness. We are here to light the divine spark again. We have continued on through thousands of obstacles with our strengths. It hasn't always been easy but we have fought for our ideas and we are still fighting against ignorance but most of all against he who, with smiles and open arms, takes away our self will of being what we truly are. The Evil -- the real evil is to go against ourselves. We are not making a new religion or philosophy. All that we are is Satan. Everything created by the human mind is demoniac, from the "Night of Times" till now. All this is simply our universe transforming itself to get well, to change, to stabilize itself, to reach perfection -- the top, the supreme exaltation of the individual being. Satan is the understanding, the concept of everything that is purely human. No, we do not have to become a product, a result of political, religious and judicial experiments. Learning from others is important, useful and beautiful, too. But being us, only ourselves is FUNDAMENTAL. Do you want to join us? Remember that we are a non-profit cultural association. We accept all adults who are serious and interested in sharing, spreading, and studying the philosophy presented here. Registration doesn't involve any obligation of participation. Your information is protected by the laws of privacy. We guarantee that your information will not be shared. We will not accept false information or information belonging to a person not necessarily interested in our ideas.

Don't be afraid. We don't bite!
Use this site to satisfy your curiosity, to learn, to teach. Make use of the services you'll find here. For problems or questions feel free to contact us.

The Director

Translation from Italian to English by Martin Whitman
Marco Dimitri
Founder & President CoS [Children of Satan]
Andrea Pasciuta
WebMaster & Vice President CoS [Children of Satan]
Seth [Our Little Mascot!]
CoS Headquarters [Bologna,Italy]
Phone: +39 051 199 80 899

How can I subscribe to Children of Satan?

In order to become a member and receive our associative card you must fall in these parameters:

1) You must be 16+ years old
2) Your behavior must be appropriate in compliance to your country's laws
3) Do not use our name for unlawful acts, expecially: Race and sexual orientation discrimination
4) Do not use our logo for personal initiatives

Ordinary or Supporter membership?

Ordinary membership is by default for everyone.
Supporter one is for who feel more generous and accomplish the idea to help our cause.

Associative Card

You will receive the associative card choosing between Ordinary and Supporter membership.
Free donations are just considered as support for our work.

Your details after payment

Paying members shall send us (via e-mail or fax):
1) Two passport photos
2) A photocopy of driving license or ID.
3) Address where we shall send the card.

PS. Fax Number: +39 051 199 80 899 / E-mail:

I understand and I agree

Type of membership: $ USD

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